Please follow the steps below to create a class. The steps also include how to create a recurring class schedule. In the end of the article, there are also screenshots of the purchase experience.


Step 1. Click “Add A Class/Product” from the drop down menu




Step 2. Add class name, description and layout of the class.

It is very important to define the “Layout Purpose” of the class as “Event”. This will show the date and time fields for you to enter.




Step 3. Fill in the date and time information.


  1. Fill in the start and end dates. Typically, they are the same for most classes.
  2. Fill in the start and end time.
  3. Leave the Timezone as “Default” if you are in California. Otherwise, choose the exact timezone based on UTC.
  4. Fill in details of your class. Try to make the description as detail as possible. It is against the regulations to include other payment methods other than using
  5. Choose the category of your class. For most classes, they should be under fitness or yoga. We may expand the categories. Please contact us to add any category. Please note that the general calendar will only list classes under fitness or yoga categories.
  6. You can make this schedule a recurring schedule by choosing the correct frequency under the “Recurrence” fields. Make sure you choose the date under “End Date of Recurrence”. We recommend you only schedule one month at this time.
  7. Select your name in Speaker drop-down menu. Note: Speaker field allows your name to be searched in the live class schedule.




Step 4. Add the color background of your class.




Step 5. Set the price of your class.


  1. For a typical live online class. Check “Virtual”.
  2. Set the price in the “Regular Price” field. We recommended the live online class prices at $1, $5, $10.




Step 6. Add the streaming information.

Add information in the “Purchase note” field. This field contains that will be sent to paid customers. Information such as Zoom link, Zumba link, YouTube, user, password to access the streaming services, …etc.


Here is a real sample with Zoom link.




Step 7. Set limit of the tickets

In some cases, you would like to limit how many tickets you can sell. For example, Pro Zoom account will only allow 100 zoom viewers. So, you will need to check “Manage stock?” and set the “Stock Quantity” field.




Step 8. Upload an image for your class

Go to the “Product image” section. Click “Set product image”. Choose the image from “Upload Files” or “Media Library”.





Step 9. Click the “Publish” button to publish the class schedule.

If you have the right information, the whole process should not take more than two minutes.



Now, check the schedule in the live schedule calendar to make sure it is there.



Click on the schedule to make sure all details are correct.

IMPORTANT: It is always your responsibility to check if the details are correct. If you need help from administrator, please do not try to contact administrator within 12 hours of the start time.



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