What is fitnessforpeople.com?

fitnessforpeople.com is a website, a platform to fulfill a vision. This website is created by a fitness instructor and designed to be used by fitness instructors. It is a social media platform for the fitness industry.

The platform provides quality classes, products, and services in various price ranges. One of the goals is to provide affordable classes to the world so everyone can be healthy physically and mentally. fitnessforpeople.com connects like-minded members together so members can have a sense of community just like in a gym in real life.

The platform also provides payment, scheduling, and e-commerce services to fitness instructors. Fitness instructors can list their classes, products, and services in fitnessforpeople.com. Fitness instructors can monetize their works, as well as build up their followers and community. fitnessforpeople.com is enabling fitness instructors to earn as much as they are worth.

It is free to become a member or instructor in fitnessforpeople.com.

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