WARNING: This article is now obsoleted. fitnessforpeople.com no longer support classes under $5 because of accounting practice. The lowest price of the class should be set to $5.


One of our goals in finessforpeople.com is to provide affordable classes to the world. Instructors who use fitnessforpeople.com are required to teach at least one “$1 class” a month to give back to the world. fitnessforpeople.com reward the instructors by not charging any service fee for the $1 classes. This is great for the instructors and great for the world.

For instructors, it is a great way for members to take their classes and get to know them. It is also a great income generation method because there is no service fee from fitnessforpeople.com. For example, the instructor will get $0.67 from a $1 after credit card transaction. the net earning of a class with 10 students is $6.7, and 50 is $33.5. $1 is very affordable for lots of people to join when the marketing is done right.


  • Instructors who have not listed any classes, products, and services do not require to teach a “$1” class.
  • Instructors who listed any classes, products, and services are required to teach at least one “$1″ class a month. For example, if you have listed a ” non-$1″ class, say a “$5” class on 7/15, then you are required to list a “$1” class within 15 days before 7/15 or 15 days after 7/15, roughly a month.

We trust that no instructors will abuse the system, so we not going to actively monitor the instructors. We will remind the instructors to do so. After three warnings, we will delist the instructors since the instructors no longer want to give back for a good cause.

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