Why nobody come to my classes?

Treating your teaching as a professional business is very important. I teach online classes way before the COVID-19 and considered quite successful. Here are a few tips and comments:
1. Marketing. Listing classes in the schedule does not mean people will come to your classes. It can be shocking for fitness instructors who used to teach in a gym and now teaching online for yourself. Gyms and studios used to be the ones responsible for marketing. Now, this is your own business and you are the person who solely responsible for marketing and the success of your business. “If you are good in marketing, you can sell a normal sheet of paper for $100 and people will line up to buy it”.
2. Content of the class and quality of the instructors. Even if you have the best content in your classes and you are the best fitness instructor in the world. That does not mean your classes are popular. Content and quality are very subjective. In some cases, not all popular classes need to have the best content or the best fitness instructor to teach. Make sure you create content and present yourself for the right audience.
3. Schedule. Research the availabilities of your audience. If your audience works in office hours, then they may prefer hours before work (6am to 8am) and after work (5pm to 7pm). I did a lot of research and many surveys to come up with my schedule for my followers.
4. Increase followers. Initially, nobody knows you. You have zero followers. You need to create a social media presence. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, … Market your classes via social media. I have created videos to demonstrate how you can market your classes via FaceBook and other social media. Go to read about them. Even if people not coming to your classes, they may start to notice you. Of course, start using our community features to generate organic traffic. Students who take other classes are already in the system. fitnessforpeople.com already create a list of potential audiences.
5. Prices. Are you setting the right prices for your classes? Do you think people will actually pay you for that? Just because you list your classes at $5, or even for free, it does not mean that people will come to your classes. Start listing your classes at $1. This is one of the basic requirements for instructors to use this website. This will help members to get to know you, then increase your chances of earning more money.
I will update this article for more tips when I have time. Remember, fitnessforpeople.com provides you all the tools to be successful. I am here to provide all the tips and support for your business to be successful. You are the only one responsible for success or failure.

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