This is the Home Page for all instructors. One of our goals is to help all instructors to work and establish their online businesses – classes, workshops, products, and building followers. It is free to join. You can find all the information you need for helping you to be successful.

Please read all the information below after your registered as an instructor.

Latest videos on tips and techiques to help you to be successful.

To-do list for instructors

  1. Read and understand the Rules And Regulations, Terms Of Service, and Refund Policy before offering classes, products, and services. By going through the application process, instructors already agreed to the above rules and policies.
  2. Review and update your profile. Add as much information as possible for members to get to know you more. This will help you to market yourself, your classes, and your products. Instructors are responsible for the accuracy of their profiles. Click here for instructions.
  3. Browse the website to get familiar with it treat this platform as a tool for you to establish your career.
  4. Enter the account information for your commission payout. Click here for the information.
  5. Click here to see the information related to the commission payout.
  6. Review the current class schedule. Figure out how many classes you want to teach and when? Click here for the class schedule.
  7. If you are teaching live classes. Determine what type of streaming service you need. For example, Zoom, Zumba, YouTube, …etc. We are independent of what type of streaming services you use, meaning, you can use anything you want. You will understand more when learning how to create classes. Register the streaming service of your preference.
  8. Creating your first class. Click here to learn how to add a class to our schedule. Please make sure you follow EVERY STEP of the demo. Create a “$5 class” that recurring once a week to fulfill one of the requirements to teach in
  9. Once done, you can create classes at any price. We recommend the following prices: $5, $7, or $10. Please keep the prices at these levels for easy accounting purposes. Please contact the administrator if you advise creating classes, services, and products at higher prices.
  10. You must show up to teach in your classes. If you do not show up for your own classes for insufficient reasons then reserve the right to cancel your membership.
  11. Once you have created a class in our schedule. Start selling your classes through your network or social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, …etc.
  12. You can also edit your classes and maintain your own schedule.
  13. Now that you have your classes scheduled. In order to help you to make your business successful, we recommend you to come to the weekly Zoom meeting to learn from others and discuss issues. I have seen people registered as instructors, created classes, but no sales. Remember, “Communication increase your knowledge, knowledge is the key to success”.
  14. There is a regular Zoom meeting every Thursday at 1 pm PST. Check the class schedule. I set it up as a normal live class. It cost $0 but it will help you to understand the purchase process. Join the meeting if you have questions to ask.

Tips and advice

  1. Remember, this is your own personal business. is a tool for your success. We are here to help, but in the end of the day, it is YOU who is responsible for the success or failure in your business.
  2. Go to join Instructors Only community group to start chatting with other instructors. Exchanging ideas.
  3. Set up your “$1 class“, it is a great way to earn money because it is so affordable. It will help you to market your classes.
  4. How to upsell products to earn more money beyond just teaching classes? This is a more advanced idea to earn money 24/7 while you are not teaching. The idea is to sell some products that you will use in a class. A prime example is Zumba. People attend Zumba classes will wear all sort of Zumba products. Whoever selling the Zumba related clothing and gears earn a lot of money out of it. You can do that too. Click here to see a demonstration that I created.

More opportunities

  1. Looking for Team Leaders. Team leaders are responsible for recruiting instructors, scheduling, and helping their team members to succeed. Team leaders will earn commission as the reward of their efforts to help their teams selling their classes, services and products. The commission is based on the performance of their teams. Contact the administrator for more details.

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