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We are looking for instructors to teach fitness, yoga, wellness, and nutrition classes. All experience welcome. Anyone can teach and start earning money. lists your classes so the world can see your class schedule; Our service fee is one of the lowest if not the lowest in the market; You can receive credit card payments from your clients; You can build your community, your tribe with your existing clients and existing members from our site; You can sell physical/digital classes, and products using our Ecommerce features; Our experienced staff will provide marketing and technical tips/support to help you to be successful. No fee to join and no experience required.

Our latest videos for tips and instructions to support our instructors

Reasons to join us:

Low Service Fee Means More Earnings

Our service fee is one of the lowest if not the lowest in the market. A low service fee means you take more money home! We love you and we believe you should earn as much as you deserved.

Currently, we are charging 10% service fee. It is one of the lowest if not the lowest in the market. The service fee includes payment gateway charges. This is how much we love you!







We love you and this is why we think you should take more of your hard-earned money home! Compare our fee and features with other platforms! We believe instructors should earn what they deserve.

Class Scheduling

We provide scheduling services to help you to display all your online classes.

Visitors and students can now see all your schedules in one glance.





You can now promote your classes by sending students the link to your classes. Students can pay for your classes through simple purchase process.







Payment Service

We provide payment services so you can earn money with your online classes. Monetize your hard works.

Monetize your hard work and allow students to pay you for your hard work!



Students can pay with major credit cards via an easy payment process.







We provide online shops, Ecommerce features to help you sell products such as dance/workout clothing, fitness balls, e-books, workshops, retreats, …etc. You can earn money 24/7 even while you are sick. No experience in setting up your online business? No worries, we will help.

We will show you how to earn more money by selling products using our website. You can upsell products from your classes. For example, teaching a boxing class and selling boxing gloves via our website.


Students can purchase your products through our website. Products can be physical or downloadable products. We are here to help you establishing your online business.








We are a social media platform for the fitness industry. Connect with your existing clients and gain new ones from our community. A strong community often leads to more sales of your classes, products, and services.

With our community feature, you can easily find like minded members with same interests. Increase the number of your followers. More followers means increase your influence and easier for you to sell your classes, products and services.

Community is Everything: How to Build Your Tribe. Inspire your community by increasing their confidence, helping them connect to others, and pushing them to challenge themselves.








Lead by the founder of this website. One of our goals is to help instructors to be successful. We have weekly instructor Zoom meetings. Marketing and technical tips from founder and experienced instructors. Videos and articles for everything you need to be successful. Which competitor website will give you those?

Information to bring instructors up to speed with latest articles, and tips so you can be successful. This is not just another website listing your classes and taking payments.


Step by step instructions. Lots of demonstrations, tips, and articles created by the founder to help instructors to be successful. Weekly instructors meeting to make sure instructors are motivated and informed.








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