Morning Vinyasa Yoga With Demo (Recorded)


This is a 75 minutes recorded vinyasa yoga class for beginners or immediate level students. Thank you Alex for filming this demonstration with me.


  1. Once you purchased, you are not restricted by the schedule. A link will send to you and you can attend anytime.
  2. You can watch this recorded class as much as you want! No expiration date.

People say you cannot learn and have a good yoga experience with live online classes. I beg to differ. Find the right classes and right instructor, they are still out there! I use video as a tool to help students to improve their practice. I verbally adjust students during the class, discuss, and mini-workshops after class. A lot of time in editing the video and select clips of students to analyze their practice. After years of teaching and practicing yoga, I decided to move my teaching from brick and mortar yoga studios to all corners of the world. The goal is to share the benefits of practicing yoga with everyone who needs yoga, simple body movements, and meditation. The Internet is a great way for me to provide affordable classes to everyone so they can improve their mental and physical health. My classes are not another live version of recorded yoga classes. Watch my videos to see why you want or not want to be in my classes: If you like what I do, then support me and my vision by clicking “Become a Patron” and choose the level of support at so I can continue to teach and create great content. Let’s get healthy and fight the COVID-19 together.

Thank you.



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