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Koru Clark

Koru grew up in a sheltered, dysfunctional home and didn’t have the freedom to think or act differently than he was told. Even at a very young age, he knew it wasn’t right for him, but as a child he had no choice but to stay.
He joined the US Marines and left home at 18 years old. Since that time he has been through life’s “ringers” more than a few times. In his life journey Koru learned many things about growing up, facing fears and living his truth. All he wants to do now is help people travel their path. Recently, one of his clients told him, “Koru, you were born to do what you do”. Koru believes this very much to be true.
When it comes to helping people, everything he does is without any personal agenda. Koru believes that we all know the answers to all our problems and troubles. His only purpose is to shine light so that others might see their paths a little more clearly, thus finding their own answers.

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