My name is Barry. The founder of I am a software engineer, entrepreneur as well as a yoga instructor for more than 9 years. As a yoga instructor, I often heard people complain about two issues:

“Classes and gyms are too expensive”

“I am not paying what I deserved as an instructor”

My vision is to resolve those two issues. is the platform fulfilling that vision.

I believe in giving back to the world by providing very affordable classes to the world. If there are affordable classes 24/7, then everyone in the world can take advantage of the classes and get mentally and physically healthy.

Instructors will be able to work as much as possible and charge much higher based on their abilities. Our community platform will also help instructors to grow their followers. We also provide e-commerce ability to help instructors to earn money 24/7 while they are sleeping. No experience is needed.

In 2019-2020, the whole world is affected by COVID-19. Lots of gyms and studios are closed. Lots of fitness and yoga instructors are out of work. This project thus becomes more meaningful because potentially, it can help a lot of instructors to get back on their feet and earn great income during this tough time.

This is a website created by an instructor and used by instructors. It is the “Social media platform for the fitness industry”. We put both instructors’ and students’ well being in the first place.


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